Smart Light Cell Therapies

We have all missed out on a good night's sleep, or been irritable after missing a meal. We know what it is like to be tired, overworked, overstressed, underpaid, and in need of a long vacation. 

This is a result of a core problem in our bodies. Our cells are experiencing an energy crisis. Because of injury, illness, stress, and other factors our cells are producing less and less energy in the form of ATP. Without this key resource, our cells can not perform needed biological functions and the body begins to break down.

Valhalla’s Cell Therapy targets this core need. By infusing Smart Light into cells we are able to modify cellular processes. This restores and maximizes energy production. This leads to a cascading series of effects that aid in the recovery of illness, and injury in a host of conditions. By supercharging the cell, increasing energy production we maximize the body's ability to carry out essential everyday tasks.

Importantly, Valhalla Smart Light Cell Therapy has a very limited risk profile, has very few contraindications, and acts synergistically with many types of traditional treatments.  This makes it an ideal complimentary treatment that can be used by just about any one interesting in improving their health.   

There is a light in the darkness. There can be hope again. Rediscover your freedom, rediscover your life, rediscover the Light


For the past 30 years, Dr. Tate has been conducting clinical research focused on various neurologic and psychiatric conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  His research has been helpful in improving the diagnostic process for many of these conditions, but improving treatment outcomes has become his real passion and focus. 


When introduced to light therapies more than 3 years ago, he felt a strong pull towards using it to help Veterans deal with the effects of TBI and PTSD.  His research is demonstrating how these lights improve the emotional and cognitive function of those who have a history of either TBI or PTSD, but it is becoming more clear that consistent use of these lights can lead to a myriad of benefits for a variety of conditions. 

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the afterlife for warriors who fell in battle.  These fallen warriors are made whole again every evening by a mythical light.  Importantly, this idea of Valhalla emboldened Viking warriors who knew that renewal awaited them if they were valiant in the face of their enemies and the various trials of combat.     

In our modern world, we recognize that every person is fighting different battles every day.  In this very real way, we are all warriors in our own right.  Here are Valhalla Smart Light Cell Therapies we want to spur you on to face your enemies knowing that renewal awaits you.  In this way, we can be your Valhalla, a place of rest and healing where you can experience recovery from your daily battles.  

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Phototherapy has been studied in over 500 human trials and 4,000 lab studies. At Valhalla, we use Photobiomodulation in concert with the latest scientific data and results from reputable universities, hospitals, governmental bodies such as the US Congress and the UN.

Clinical Studies

Human Trials

Lab Studies


With the rapid decrease in inflammation, the body's pain decreases as well. Joint pain, soreness, and chronic conditions reduce or resolve in a matter of weeks. Aches that have bothered you for years finally heal, leaving you to live a life free from pain.


Rejuvenating your mitochondria lead to more efficient ATP production. This supercharges the cell and allows it to perform necessary biological processes at an improved level.


Everyone wants to perform better. Whether it is the athlete looking to set a personal record. Or the supermom looking to get more out of her day. Valhalla Plus+ groundbreaking treatments allow you to perform at your optimum efficiency and discover a level of performance you didn't know you had.



Millions of people suffer from Post-concussive syndrome every year. For many years effective treatments have eluded scientists.

Now with groundbreaking technology, there can be hope again. 

At Valhalla Plus we are grateful to be able to help others through the use of Smart Light Cell Therapies to promote recovery in the body and healing in the mind.
It's time to believe again and rediscover the life that you thought you lost. Its time to rediscover the light




The use of PBM is proven to reduce inflammation and pain. Come and experience the power of Light



PBM gives feelings of wellness and peace. 



Increased Cellular Energy leads to improved cellular function. When your energy improves your body improves.



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