Use PBM to Level up your Game

Athletes want and need a higher level of performance. Photobiomodulation or PBM will enable athletes to play at the top of their game. Photobiomodulation has been used for years by top amateur and professional athletes to relieve pain, improve recovery after injury or vigorous training, and enhance performance. Consistent use of PBM increases the mitochondria's ability to produce ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) boosting cell energy and improving health and recovery within the cell.  In addition, there are also increases in nitric oxide and growth hormone levels, essential for muscle repair and recovery. PBM has been proven to be very effective in helping athletes perform at maximum levels and through several clinical studies showed these results:

  • Reduced Soreness (latest studies measured 42% less DOMS)

  • Increased Endurance (19% longer time till exhaustion)

  • Increase in Force Generated (38% more force)

  • Sharper Focus

  • Mood Regulation for staying in the zone

  • Consistency when Training

  • Greater Mental Resiliency

  • Decrease in Pain

  • And our personal favorite: cutting recovery time in half

Treat the Machine

Every part of our body is connected. An injury to the knee will put additional strain on your back. Treat your entire body in just 15 minutes.

Stay in the Game

By treating the whole body Valhalla keeps athletes injury free and performing at the true maximum-by treating the small problems that are easily ignored and shrugged off