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Whether from the effects of an injury or simply from the natural aging process, inflammation in our bodies will produce pain and stiffness. Light therapy (Photobiomodulation i.e. PBM) uses natural photo-chemical processes in our bodies to promote cell growth and reduce inflammation and associated pain, all without the harmful side effects using drugs. 

Reduce Inflamation & Pain


Light therapy (PBM) has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and lactic acid build-up from the body and thus speed up recovery and healing times. Many top professional athletes are now using PBM as part of the pre/post workout routines to help shorten recovery times, decrease likelihood of injury, and achieve peak performance.

Accelerate Recovery


Because of the beneficial effect that light therapy has on the body, and in particular cell maintenance and development, many who use light therapy (particularly whole-body pods) on a regular basis report improved sleep, more energy, and a general feeling of health and vigor.

Increase Vitality


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